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Video Training:

In Depth Video Instruction on EXACTLY how to start, run, and grow your

Real Estate Wholesaling Business.

This includes all three Major Areas:

1. Finding and Working with Buyers

2.  Finding Motivated Sellers

(Including our own "Proprietary Method"

for scraping and blasing Zillow)

3.  How to Set Up and Run Your Wholesaling Business with as much

Automation / Outsource as Possible

... and MUCH MUCH more!


Access to Automated REI:

Scrape and Blast Zillow

Find Motivated Sellers, Tired Landlords, and Private Lenders!

With Your Membership to the Mentoring Club, you are granted access to this AWESOME cutting edge software that will automate  your Deal Finding Machine! Dominate Your Market! We Have Exclusive Access to This Here!

(Requires $99/month Subscription)



One-On-One Mentoring:


One-On-One Mentoring From Qualified Investors that are

CURRENTLY ACTIVE in the field.

We will walk you through your deals personally from start to finish! We are responsive to emails and messages in our Facebook "secret group"! We are there to answer ALL your questions!

You'll Have Direct Email Access to Ask Justin All Your Questions!


Facebook "Secret Group" Access:


Getting support both from your coach and your team is a critical part of your success. There are opportunities to ask questions or leave posts or comments celebrating one another's successes, and learning how to stay "current" with today's trends! Coaches and Mentors, including Justin Chamness, respond every day. You can find out just about ANYTHING you want to know about wholesaling real estate in this "secret group"!


Facebook Live Club Meeting (weekly at Wednesday) covering student questions, and personal insights designed to get you making money quickly. Some weeks feature a successful student or guest "guru".


Don't Delay! There really is affordable Real Estate Investor Mentorship Available!



Co-Wholesale Your Deals With US!
As you grow in your success with your Wholesaling Business, and YOU are finding and contracting great property deals... we offer our buyer side concierge to Joint Venture with you... You bring the property deal, we'll market it to our buyers list, and bring a buyer!  When they close YOU GET PAID!  Our typical split of the Deal Profits is 60% YOUR PROFITS and 40% OURS! Build your business on the strength of a solid wholesaling partner! Let us use our Repeat Buyers List to propel your wholesaling business and profits to the next level!

Where will your Real Estate Wholesaling Business Be in A Year if You Have to "re-invent the wheel"?

If you’ve been struggling to get your first deal done or are a seasoned pro looking to expand your income I’m sure you’re aware there’s no better way to get the job done than by being mentored by a seasoned pro.


No more being "extorted" by High Priced Gurus (some Real Estate Guru Courses cost up to $40,000)... we are $27 one time, plus $24.99 a month!


If you’ve been looking for a mentor, and all you’re finding out there is real estate mentors asking for $5,000, $10,000 or more in up front money, there’s a better way.  


How would you like to have a mentor by your side to walk you through deals from beginning to end for less than a night out to dinner and a movie?


So for about $0.83 per day, you’ll have someone there to walk you through the mine fields, and answer any questions you have. You’ll have the answer people on call, every day, for less than the price of your favorite candy bar! You can cancel your membership and the mentoring whenever you wish.


Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn In The Club:


  • How to contract property deal for $10.00, without ownership... then sell them for BIG BUCKS!
  • How to take advantage of the leads you’re currently throwing away and turn them into deals!
  • How to create different payday strategies in Wholesaling! (Hint: There are SEVERAL possible payday strategies)
  • How to create residual income that lasts for years!
  • How to work with the millions of properties out there that are deals! (Hint: Deals aren't found, they're Made!)
  • Which contract to use for which type of deal!
  • How to determine a suspect from a prospect in less than 3 minutes!
  • How to find tons of MOTIVATED SELLER leads on the cheap using our "Proprietary Method" for scraping phone numbers from Zillow and Text Blasting the Heck out of them!
  • How to use your laptop and a phone to do all the deals you want anywhere in the country!
  • How to build a buyers for NO MONEY out of pocket. (Slow and Instant Methods)
  • This program is designed to fit your needs it is not a cookie cutter GURU boot camp!


Best of all... YOU WILL BE DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS with like-minded folks who will Joint Venture Deals with You All Day, Every Day!


Actually you’ll be earning income while you are learning, and enjoying the relationships you'll develop in the club!

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    "That's deal number 5 in 2 months! Keep it Up! Thanks for the Buyer Hook-up!"

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    "The changes to our business you recommended worked FANTASTIC! Thanks again! You're a great resource!"

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    From Start to Finish, You made Real Estate Investing Possible! More Simple than we ever thought! Thanks!

    John L.
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    "Justin's got a way to get the best and cheapest deals.  I bookmarked his site, and read his emails!"

    Christy C.
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Motion REI's Real Estate Wholesaler's Club is a family owned and operated real estate training and joint venture company based in Kansas City, MO. We have been buying, rehabbing, wholesaling, and retailing single family houses since 2001. We understand the investor, because we are one. We are not realtors/agents. Our Most Precious Customer is Our Cash Buyers-Our Investor Partners, and Proteges like you. We are Picky, Because We All Deserve It. Win-Win is Our Way.  See More About Who We Are at:

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