Step 2:

Find a Great Property Deal Buyer

Cash Buyer Questionnaire     

(gather as much info as you can, but be natural,  conversational & don’t act like a robot…)

Personal Contact Information  







Cell Phone (______) ________________

Work Phone (______)________________         

Company Name: _______________________________


Investment Information               

SO (name), what does your absolutely PERFECT Investment property look like?        


What areas are you interested in?__________________________________

What price range?__________________________________

Experience level? _______________________________________

How do you plan on financing deals we sell to you? _________________________

How quickly can you close?  _________________________________

What the percentage you like to be all in, purchase price plus repairs? _____________     

Ok, Awesome!  I'll add you to my list! I'll be sending you property deals to review! Please don't forget to confirm your email, it'll help me get those property deals to you first, ok?

Buyer Questionaire For Download
Print and use this to help take notes and get all the information you need when talking to buyers!



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