Step 3:

Find a Property Deal to Sell

To Your Buyer

Example Property Analysis Forms
Analyze a Property Deal, and stay Organized! Look good and win the offer!! NOT LEGAL ADVICE! We advise you use this as a base to create your company's very own Offer Packet!
Example Seller Credibility Offer Packet and Example Contract
Example of a good Credibility Packet ... I explain in the video
Blank Purchase and Sale Agreement for Download
Here is a blank Purchase and Sale Agreement to get you started with Contracting Your 1st Property DEAL!
Outbound Calling Script
Formula is for babies... This is your calling script formula for making calls to about vacant properties and speaking to absentee owners.
Inbound Calling Script
This is your call script for when a homeowner calls you back.
Original Marketing Flyer
By default, this flyer has a blank line for contact information. You can simply put your information on the materials, along with your name so you get credit for any calls. This is the best option for a member who has a job & isn't available during the day to field calls.
Absentee Postcard #1
Template postcard for making a buying offer. Use this postcard first before the others.
Absentee Postcard #2
Template followup postcard for making a buying offer.
Cash In 3 Days Letter
Template letter for making a buying offer.
Investor Letter
Template letter for making a buying offer.
Bad House Door Hanger
Template door hanger that goes over how you can help homeowners sell their property.




ALSO LANDING PAGES for Sending Buyers and Sellers to 

and capture their names and emails! Automate!


VFLYER Property Deal Marketing Builder for Emails, Social Media, etc... 

Offers a Great Website for Your Deal Inventory! Plus Syndication Marketing!



VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS: A Really Good Virtual Assistant Agency

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