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Selling a house can make you feel...

  stressed and tired.

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We work with people who are dealing with different situations including those who need to relocate because of their new job, who find it hard to find house buyers, who are having a divorce, who are dealing with foreclosure, who have an inherited or vacant property that they do not need any more, who are tired of working with bad tenants, who lost their job and can no longer pay the monthly fee, who do not have enough resources to pay for expensive commission, transaction, and closing fees, who owe more than the worth of their property, who cannot wait for months to sell their house, and those who do not want to deal with brokers and agents.

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What is common among the homeowners that we have worked with? They all…

  • Want to be treated fairly;
  • Need to find fast solution to their problem;
  • They do not have enough resources to pay for expensive commission, transaction, and closing fees;
  • Want to be out of the stress and headache that their house is causing them;

… And realized that we are capable of helping them

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Here's What People Are Saying About Our Team Buys Houses
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    “Losing a parent is always difficult, and having to sell the family home is very difficult under the best of circumstances. My mother stayed in her home probably longer than she should have. Following her death, it took me several months to look over her home and make some decisions about repairs she had not done in the last five years. One morning on the way to work, I had made up my mind to have everything simply hauled away for trash, then sell the house. That’s when I saw the facebook ad, as if it was through providence, the universe, God, had put it there for me. You guys made every step of the process incredibly easy. When we found a lien against the house that no one knew about, your team staff was so supportive. How thoughtful, considerate and professional. Thank you.”

    Jerry H. - Raytown
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    “I lived in the house for 32 years, and spent the last three years trying to fix it up and sell. Finally, I had to sell it quickly and was tired of putting money into rehabbing the house, plus traveling more than 65 miles to work each day. A friend of mine encouraged me to call even though I really didn’t have an ugly house. They saw the care and the work that I put into the house, and they made me a great offer!”

    Karen P. - Independence, MO
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    “My situation was almost hopeless. Unemployed and behind on my mortgage, I decided to call you. This proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The guys were professional, courteous and most of all, understanding.”

    Pete B. - Blue Springs, MO
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    “We are so happy we found Our Team Buys Houses. We wanted to sell our house fast and they made it very easy. Everyone else gave us a hard time and then did nothing. You guys came in and made everything work. You are wonderful people to have in your corner when you need to sell fast.”

    Sara and Jim L. - Lee's Summit, MO
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    “We were very satisfied with the service that Our Team Buys Houses gave to us, and the attention to our specific needs! Thanks!”

    Sam N. - Kansas City, MO
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