was designed by Real Estate Professionals to meet a specific need in marketplaces nationwide...  For far too long the market has consisted of those who can & those who can’t...  We all know getting “approved” for a home loan today is harder than ever.  It has become a very complicated process & this has left a growing % of customers with only One Choice... Rent. People want a Home they will Own!  Find a home now.  Get the loan later. At we say “Do it without a Bank... because Life doesn’t wait for a Loan


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“We are loving our new home…”

Moe, We are forever grateful to you. We had tried to get a house with a realtor and we were told we couldn't. Our hopes dropped below our credit score. Thank you for helping us find a home we could buy without a bank. We are loving our new home in Fort Bragg.

 David & Nicole May 

“…I was an impossible case.”

There was NO WAY I was getting qualified for a home loan after the divorce, but your dedicated, honest, staff was able to make owning a home possible anyways! Awesome!

 Mikie Pettway 

“If you need a reference…”


PadLadder can make your dreams of owning a home a reality. My husband and I bought our property through PadLadder, as getting a mortgage became difficult with medical stuff on our credit reports. Now we are a family that is realizing the dream of home-ownership. PadLadder helped us with a burdensome problem. I highly recommend PadLadder. 

 Jill Busick 

“You guys make home ownership possible…”


Guys, what can I say?  You did it! I did it! WE DID IT! My credit was a wreck, and I thought I was NEVER going to own a home again! You were right, it was as easy as it was possible!

 Sam Lalinder