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We are expanding! 

That's Right! I am offering an opportunity to joint-venture with us on various projects here in the Kansas City area.

What we are looking for are investors interested in funding the GAP between our lender and to cover the operating expenses and possible *cost over-runs on our projects.  These projects are managed by Property Project Managers who keep them on time and on budget.  Our GAP requirements usually are $25,000 or less and we compensate a great 25% return on investment, i.e $25,000 investments = $6,250 return or a total of $31,250 once the project is complete, sells and closes.  

Furthermore, your investment can be secured on the property and we provide regular reporting to keep you informed on the progress.

If this is something you would like to explore, please find below our FAQs to answer your questions.


Again, we have also already acquired access to private funds that will enable our team to purchase, rehab and resale MORE properties in the Kansas City area.

We are offering you, as one of my private partners, and loyal customer, a joint-venture opportunity.

Our private lender will fund a majority of the project and we are looking for GAP funding partners.  Usually, the GAP will be $25,000 or less on a project,

and as a joint-venture partner,

  • We will pay 25% Return, once the rehab is done and place sold we reimburse your $25,000 investment plus $6,250; (For example)
  • Doing this gives you a great return as a joint-venture project;
  • You have less risk or stress as we provide project management. 
  • You get regular updates throughout the process
  • Project Management provided for each property;
  • Draws paid once an inspection report is completed, and verifying all contractors or sub-contractors provide a lien release;
  • All funds managed by Third-Party Escrow or Title Company.

Download My Full Prospectus, Disclosures, and Qualification Questionaire HERE

For our first-time investors, we are also establishing a fee for service option to help you:

  1. secure a property,
  2. secure the financing,
  3. secure the contractor, and
  4. secure our process guide for successful flips. 


We will also be establishing a new market segment in the Kansas City area with properties ranging in the $200,000 - $250,000 after repair values; which allows you to flip more properties and make good profit margins.  We will continue to market properties in the higher after repair values, as they provide much better return on investments, though slightly require more need of capital and risk.

Please contact me regarding any aspect of this message and I look forward to continuing to offer you the best deals and investment options in Kansas City.

Download My Full Prospectus, Disclosures, and Qualification Questionaire HERE

Thank you! To Great Success in Kansas City Real Estate!


Justin A. Chamness


First, how do we select a project?


We already have our process in place that focuses on the target markets that provide the ideal properties that meet our criteria.  We use comparable sales that are less than 6-months old and within 1/2 mile radius or less on similar type properties.  Once the after repair value is determined and confirmed by comparable sales, we make offers accordingly.  We work with several realtors to help put additional sets of eyes and weed out riskier properties.  We inspect each property and work with the contractors to provide a scope of work that meets our budget.  When the inspection uncovers issues, we request a price reduction, add the repair to our rehab budget or walk away.  


What about cost over runs and delays?


We incorporate 10% into our numbers to handle these things.  We use three contractors to spread out the work and have a past experience of getting the work done on time and on budget.  Qualified contractors must be licensed and bond-able and have experience with flipping.  


How are GAP Funding Partners protected?


We offer a list of realtors to do due diligence, if they choose.  We can provide a second/collateral mortgage as additional security.  Second/collateral security is registered via Deed of Trust by a 3rd party title/escrow compan.  If the project does not fund, the Title/Escrow company returns the funds in a safe manner.


What is the recourse of the GAP Funding Partner

if the projects falls through (Worst Case Scenario)?


From your perspective, since there is security on the property via a Deed of Trust filed by a licensed 3rd party title/escrow company, it provides you with additional protection.  Moreover, we incorporate substantial net profits to proceed with a project since days on market is not something we can control.


What are the risks to the GAP Funding Partner (Best and Worst Case Scenario)?


Firstly, worst case is the property is not completed and you and the first mortgagor sell the property.  Our projects are based usually on 75% of the after repair value, leaving ample room for any situation.

Best case: the property funds and you receive your 25% profits.


Other risks, days on market, cost over runs, delays caused by weather, permits, or contractor inefficiency, work change orders (which we seldom have to do since we let the contractor complete the work as contracted), unexpected structural or mechanical issues.

The list we provided are all risks that can occur if the process is not followed and if the buyer becomes too emotional with a project.


We complete all projects in a similar fashion, new kitchen, new baths, fresh paint and flooring.  Build outs to increase square footage and after repair value.


We stay within the same markets of a typical American home of 1500 square feet and 3/2 built around 1930 or later.


We stay away from tear downs as more risks and capital are required.


What is the timeline of how long the Gap Funding Partner's Funds are tied up?


We use a 6-month schedule consisting of 1 month to close and attain permits, contracts, materials, 3-4 months rehab, 1-3 months days on market.  We market the properties in advance of completion to gather interest on our projects.  We stage the properties to look their best a selling time.  We do incorporate days on market as a condition of selecting a property.  We required days on market of less than 60 days and preferably 30 days.  This means our projects that sell fast and we also work with the same realtors who are motivated to get paid on the original sale and the final rehabbed sale.


How do you avoid delays and over runs?


We provide a Project Manager with each project and unlike a General Contractor, the Project Manager oversees the financial aspects of the project.  They organize inspections, authorize draws, attain lien releases to confirm trades are paid and report to the parties, as well as the GAP funding partners to provide regular updates.  When and if problems arise, the Project Manager solves the issues since they are focused on the project and protect the investment of the investors.  They can recommend to switch contractors or trades if work is not completed professional or on a timely manner.  This reduces much of the risks that faces the sole investor doing all that by themselves.


How many projects do you intend

to complete in a year?


GAP funding partners are usually providing $25,000 or less because of the flexibility of the private lender.

We are starting with 3 projects and want to add 1-2 additional projects each month this calendar year. Our business model is to create 3-6 projects monthly dependent on the accessibility of funds. Working with a $25,000 GAP funds and a 6-month turnaround, one GAP funder can earn $12,500 as a return on investment in one year.


What is required to participate?


Cash partners simply require a joint-venture agreement, proof of funds, promissory note and a direction to wire funds to the Title/Escrow Company, register Second/Collateral security via a Deed of Trust, filed by a licensed 3rd party title/escrow company.

Registered funds require a joint-venture agreement, approval from agent of registered account, promissory note and a direction to wire funds to the Title/Escrow Company, register Second/Collateral security via a Deed of Trust, filed by a licensed 3rd party title/escrow company.


Are there any fees to me outside of the usual wire fees?


For cash deals the only fee to you is the wire fee.  If you are using registered funds or funds from a brokerage firm, they may have fees attached.  Please consult your sources to inquire if fees apply.  


When do you think you'll have a

project that needs a gap investor?


We have 3 projects ready to go now and looking to fund 3-6 deals a month depending upon the funding formula and GAP funding partners.


Could I talk to your main lender just to do a little Due Diligence?


I can provide the lender's contact info and would advise him prior so that he is aware of your call.   


What title company do you use?


We like to use Accurate Title because of their experience with investor lenders.  We are somewhat flexible.


If this goes well will there be multiple opportunities?


As mentioned earlier, we have 3 in inventory that we are working on funding.  As well, we are prepared to fund 3-6 per month once we establish our GAP funding partners.


Experience and a great process, helps eliminate costly mistakes in the business.  We have been doing this for a long time and our partners have the knowledge, the process and the ability to find great projects.  We focus on three things, find the money, find the deals and find a good contractor.


Download My Full Prospectus, Disclosures, and Qualification Questionaire HERE

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