More About Buying a Kansas City Real Estate Investment Property From Justin
Do You Want a Wholesale Property Deal that will Make Money?
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    I offer Wholesale Real Estate Investment Property Deals

    Check out Our Inventory at and sign up for automatic email updates whenever we add more Wholesale or Rent to Own Property Inventory! I am NOT a realtor.  All the property deals I offer are either owned or controlled via assignable contract by Low Priced Bargain Properties LLC, MOTU LLC, or other affiliates or partners.  We sell our assignable contracts, and YOU close at the title company - like always. 
Need a "Crash Course" in Kansas City Real Estate Investing?
Here's a very basic "guide" to real estate investing in Kansas City. It will answer your questions on "HOW TO WIN"! You CAN do it!
Need Kansas City Neighborhood Real Estate Market Research?
Feel like you need more Kansas City Market Research? Don't know what neighborhoods "investors" should be looking in? No worries, I've got it done for you, right here. - I think you'll be impressed.
Need Help Analyzing Your Exit Strategy?
Here is my FREE Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet. No matter what your exit strategy, this will help you analyze ALL the dollars and cents.
Need a Professional TEAM Member?
TEAM MEMBER MISSING? No Worries! Here is MY list of Kansas City Professionals we've used and recommended successfully TIME and TIME again!
Need Boots on the Ground?


We Refer Property Inspectors Who Charge For Only What You Need


Connections with Affordable Pre-Purchase Property Inspections by Licensed Contractors (Great for Out of State Buyers)

We will gladly refer you to a licensed contractor or handyman that can inspect any property with-in our operational area, and provide a comprehensive Property Status report and Valuation Estimate. $150.00 for full interior/exterior inspection with full pictorial and written report. 

Need a Reliable Contractor Team to Bid or Complete Your Project?


I Refer Reliable, Experienced, and Honest General Contractors


A Recommended Team Can Complete Your Project's Scope of Work, with Quality and on Schedule

If you don't have a good contractor to lead your project, we'll connect you with a "PROVEN" and time tested general contractor, we've recommended him countless times, and he never disappoints.  Investing is so much better when your contractor is truly "professional".  Our contractor referrals are also very well capable of dealing with your lender directly, and are very adept at handling lender's specific requests and forms. They will handle everything necessary, including city and HOA permits, and all the various vendors you will need to complete your project property.

These are the same contractors that I use on my own personal fix and flips.  You will not be disappointed with quality or price or timeliness of completion!

Need a Recommendation for an "Investor Friendly" Realtor? Accurate Comps and Selling!
  • I Will Recommend an "Investor Friendly" Realtor or Listing Real Estate Agent


    I am NOT a realtor, BUT I have a few AWESOME realtors on my team.  They REALLY understand the wholesale transaction, and what it takes to "FIX" and "FLIP" or to invest for cash flow.  Our success record with appraisers agreeing with their comps is nearly 100%.  They are EXCELLENT at listing your final project, and SELLING IT in hyper speed time.  But the best part of all is... They will most likely already be intimately familiar with the property deal you are buying from Justin.  You will have the best 'market analysis' including maps of comparable sales, detailed information, tax receipt information, as well as title commitment. 

You've Bought a Wholesale Property Deal - Now What?
Now You Bought a Wholesale Property - What's Next?
Need Help Setting Up Affordable and Reliable Property Management?
  • Affordable and Reliable Property Management - Easy Peasy!


    Includes tenant notifications (if any) Full Interior/Exterior Pictures and Detailed property Status Report On going Management Fee: 8.5%-10% of due rents Management Fee is not charged for vacant units if actively being shown, or under contract for repairs. However, we must charge a fee for properties not in rent-able condition, and not contracted to bring to a rent-able condition. This allows us to cover the cost of security checks and monitoring of the property.

    (Please refer to Property Management and Related Service Costs for full explanation of services and fees)

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